How to use Fire Extinguishing Ball

Automatic usage:
Install ELIDE FIRE above the place with a high risk of fire origin.
ELIDE FIRE activates after contacting fire, extinguishes the starting fire and gives a warning audio signal.

Manual usage:
When the fire originates, throw/roll ELIDE FIRE into the fire from the safe distance.
ELIDE FIRE will self-activate after contacting fire and will extinguish the starting fire

Important warnings:
The agent is determined for extinguishing starting fires.
Do not open, damage or dismantle a product.
Use the agent automatically only with B class fires.
Do not use for extinction of alkaline materials the burning of which takes place without the inlet of air.
Vapour of the extinguishing powder mixture may cause eye or air passages irritation.

Fire Extinguishing Ball best serves for everywhere
• Fire Extinguishing Ball can be placed on a shelf top, tabletop, along the hallway or any visible area of easy access.

• Fire Extinguishing Ball is best mounted in high risk areas such as kitchens, electrical circuit breakers, overloaded electrical outlets, or near fireplaces.

Usage of product


Technical Information

  • Weight of extinguishing powder mixture: 1.3 +/- 0.2 kg.
  • Total weight of the agent: 1.5 +- 0.2 kg.
  • NEC: 4.0 g
  • Diameter : 147 mm
  • Warning audio signal: 120 dB  (Impulse Noise)
  • Activation time: 3 - 10 sec with flame
  • Ensure extinguishing of fires in the distance up to 8 – 10 m2.
  • Product type: Other pyrotechnic products, pyrotechnic extinguishing agents
  • Category P 1
  • Registration number: 1395 – P1 – 0128/2010 (EU Standard)

B,C,E Class use of survillance only.
Symbol of fire A, B, C, and E Class in conformity with EU Standards.







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